Service / Warranty

eForce Battery Powered Crimping Tool Service/Calibration

Complete service of the Rennsteig eForce battery-powered crimping tool. All maintenance and repair work is performed by FiberFin, Inc., an authorized Rennsteig service center. This service must be performed at least once every 2 years or 25,000 crimps, or when indicated by the tool's status LED. This preventative maintenance service prolongs the life of the tool and helps the user save money on repairs in the long run.

This form is one of two options for returning eForce tools for service. For more information about Rennsteig eForce service returns, please read this page.

Service Includes
• Complete inspection
• Replacement of drive motor
• Calibration of crimping head
• Lubrication on all wearable points
• Software diagnostics and upgrade (if available)
• Replacement crimp die screws
• Reset service counter

At FiberFin, we strive to make your returns as pleasant and easy as possible, and that includes making it easy for you to return your eForce crimping tool for service. Fill out the following form and click Add to Cart when complete. Your service authorization number (SAN) will be included in your sales confirmation email. Note that all returns must be factory authorized; FiberFin must issue a SAN prior to shipping.

Return Guidelines

When requesting a SAN for an eForce tool, please include as many details as possible about the tool, including:

• What die has been used in the tool
• What the tool has been used to crimp
• How well it has been crimping
• Status lights of the tool, if any
• Date of purchase (have proof of this ready, in case we request it)

Once you receive the SAN, ship the tool in its original packaging to:

FiberFin, Inc.
ATTN: eForce Service (your SAN)
9925 State Route 47
Unit A
Yorkville, Illinois 60560
United States of America

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