POF Analog Video Transmitter, up to 300 m distance, REF320.SIS.VIDA300S002T

POF Analog Video Transmitter, up to 300 m distance, REF320.SIS.VIDA300S002T

Part#: FF-VID300-T
This HD video system is composed of a transmitter and receiver, each of which have a BNC copper RF input and an optical output. High-quality video is guaranteed in every condition and every environment, due to plastic optical fiber's immunity to electromagnetic noise.

• Connector-less fiber optic port that uses 2.2mm jacketed POF
• Operating Distance: 200 meters (Full HD) or 300 meters (PAL/NTSC)
• Activity indicator LED

• 12V DC input
• 75Ω BNC video input
• Up to 1080p video
• EMC 2014/30/UE certification

Naria Security (Formerly Luceat)
Made in Italy
Reference part number: VIDA300S002T

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This device has been manufactured and tweaked by Luceat SpA based on the
standards and requirements which make the appliance reliable, easy to operate and
safe. If maintenance of the unit is carried out properly, the product will last several years
offering the highest performance in condition of safety.
This is the best solution for companies to reduce costs using a very reliable device,
which is completely immune to electromagnetic interferences.

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These LUCEAT Analog Video system work over plastic fiber (POF).
The use of plastic fiber guarantees:
1) transmission of analog video signals up to a distance of 300 m (1,000 ft.);
2) quick and easy installation without specific tools;
3) immunity to electromagnetic interferences and a total lack of electromagnetic
4) prevention of “ground loop”;
5) high level of resilience to adverse environments, dust, oil, and mechanical stress;
6) possibility of sharing pre-existent power line conduits.

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