Analog Video Transmitter and Receiver Pair, Copper/POF Converter, CCTV

Analog Video Transmitter and Receiver Pair, Copper/POF Converter, CCTV

Part#: FF-VID150-K
This HD video system is composed of a transmitter and receiver, each of which have a BNC copper RF input and an optical output. High-quality video is guaranteed in every condition and every environment, due to plastic optical fiber's immunity to electromagnetic noise.

This is a kit that includes both the transmitter and receiver.

• Connector-less fiber optic port that uses 2.2mm jacketed POF
• Operating Distance: 100 meters (Full HD) or 150 meters (PAL/NTSC)
• Activity indicator LED

• 12V DC input
• 75Ω BNC video connections
• Up to 1080p video
• EMC 2014/30/UE certification

Naria Security (Formerly Luceat)
Made in Italy
Reference part number: VIDA150C150S

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These LUCEAT Analog Video system work over plastic fiber (POF).
The use of plastic fiber guarantees:
1) transmission of analog video signals up to a distance of 300 m (1,000 ft.);
2) quick and easy installation without specific tools;
3) immunity to electromagnetic interferences and a total lack of electromagnetic
4) prevention of “ground loop”;
5) high level of resilience to adverse environments, dust, oil, and mechanical stress;
6) possibility of sharing pre-existent power line conduits.

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