Professional Installer Kit, Versatile Link Connectors, Crimping and Finishing Tools

Professional Installer Kit, Versatile Link Connectors, Crimping and Finishing Tools

Professional installer kit for Broadcom (formerly AVAGO) Versatile Link and Firecomms RedLink connectors for making 2.2mm POF cable assemblies. Supported connectors include HFBR-4503z, HFBR-4513z, and HFBR-4516z. See video for operational instructions.

Kit Includes
• STD-2 duplex POF finishing tool (FF-STD-2-DP)
• Automatic indexing replacement head for FF-STD-2 series (FF-STD2-RPHD)
• Versatile Link crimping tool (FF-CRMP-VL)
• 25x Versatile Link HFBR-4503z simplex latching connectors
• 25x Versatile Link HFBR-4513z simplex latching connectors
• 25x Versatile Link HFBR-4516z duplex latching connectors
• 50x Light-Seal® strain reliefs (FF-LSSTR-GRY, FF-LSSTR-BLU)
• 6x FF-HPLTHBLKH bulkheads connectors
• 10x inspection loupe

Finishing Tool Features
• Terminates and finishes the fiber
• Rotating blade design ensures consistent finish, and performs 2,500 cuts per cutting head (replaceable)
• Average attenuation loss per finish: 1.0 to 1.5 dB
• Strips jacket to length

Crimp Tool Features
• Hex crimp pattern
• Specifically designed for Versatile Link connectors
• Locates the Versatile Link connector on the fiber at the proper length for accuracy

August 2017 Product Update
As of August 2017, the line of STD-2 hand tools features a newly designed cutting head. In addition to improved safety features, the blade now lasts for 2,500 cuts, or twice as long as the old blade. As a result, the prices for STD-2 tools and kits that use this part have undergone a slight increase. See the product update information document for more information.

RENNSTEIG WERKZEUGE, ISO 9001:2008 certified company.
Made in Germany
Reference part number: R618 301 3 1


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