Mitsubishi ESKA™, 250μm Bare Fiber, 12000 Meter Spool

Mitsubishi ESKA™, 250μm Bare Fiber, 12000 Meter Spool

Part#: FF-CK-10 SP-12000
Mitsubishi ESKA™ CK-10 bare plastic optical fiber. CK-grade fiber is general-purpose fiber, and is typically used for lighting, and in some sensing applications. Sold as a 12000 meter spool. See the datasheet for specifications and tolerances.

Mitsubishi Rayon Japan

More information is available directly from the OEM here.


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View FileESKA Electrical Properties    Size: (160.12 KB)
View FileESKA Temperature and Humidity Characteristics    Size: (240.75 KB)
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View FileESKA Thermal Shock Properties    Size: (323.65 KB)
View FileESKA Voltage Resistance    Size: (267.26 KB)
View FileMitsubishi REACH Certification 2019-11-12    Size: (106.19 KB)
View FileMitsubishi RoHS Certification 2016-06-08    Size: (271.26 KB)

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