GigaPOF® 120 μm Bare Fiber, GI-POF 100m

GigaPOF® 120 μm Bare Fiber, GI-POF 100m

Part#: FF-GigaPOF120SR SP-100
GigaPOF-120SR is a revolutionary high-performance graded-index perfluorinated POF offering easy termination, relaxed optical alignment tolerances and excellent IR and visible transparency. The larger size 120SR is a low-attenuation, IR-transparent graded-index POF with higher bandwidth than any other type of plastic optical fiber. Offering easy termination, compatibility with conventional glass fiber transceivers, and tight-bending capability, no other gigabit optical medium is so easy to use. (POF Pack, 100 Meters)

The Chromis GigaPOF® line combines the best of the glass and plastic optical fiber worlds with low attenuation, IR-transparent perfluorinated polymer materials, a graded refractive index, and exacting geometric tolerances.
GigaPOF-120SR meets the need for a high-performance fiber that can be used with very inexpensive connectors and apparatus. The 120 micron core of this fiber allows wide alignment and dimensional tolerances for components, but still couples well to most high-speed detectors.
Like the rest of our GigaPOF® line of optical fibers, GigaPOF-120SR can be easily terminated with simple, inexpensive tools, and tolerates long-term installed bend radii as small as 10 mm.

Attenuation at 850 nm (dB/km)<60
• Attenuation at 1300 nm (dB/km)<60
• Bandwidth at 850 nm (>300
• Numerical aperture 0.185 ± 0.015
• Macro-bend loss (dB for 10 turns on a 25-mm radius quarter circle)<0.60
• Zero dispersion wavelength (nm)1200–1650
• Dispersion slope (ps/<0.06

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View FileFF-GigaPOF120SR - Datasheet    Size: (106.71 KB)

Chromis short reach graded index POF provides fast network communications up to 10Gb/s. 120 μm core diameter, 490 μm cladding diameter.

View FileFF-GigaPOF Cable - Datasheet    Size: (308.43 KB)

Chromis GigaPOF plastic optical fiber cables combine the unique abilities of the Chromis GigaPOF fiber line with time-tested, familiar cable designs. Compatible with clip-on connectors and traditional glue-on connectors in SC form factor

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