1 x2.2mm Cable, POF Simplex, UL, 500m

1 x2.2mm Cable, POF Simplex, UL, 500m

Part#: FF-TCU1000 SP-500
Industrial/Data, General purpose duplex cable for industrial data applications
Mitsundustrial/Data, General purpose Simplex cable for industrial data applications, 1 x 2.2mm Cable, POF PE jacket , sold by the spool
UL VW-1 1581 Style No. 5310 rated, Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) Industrial/Data, General purpose cable for industrial data and sensor applications

• Control links for CAT scanners and MRI machines
• Medical Devices
• Wet Environment Safety
• EMI/RFI Situations
• Sensing for Temperatures, Speed,
• Vibration and Liquids too
• Factory Automation and Robotics
• Data for Card-to-Card Circuits
• Data for Control Panel-to-Machine
• Automotive & Truck Applications
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