Connector, SMA 905, 500μm x 1.0mm, Stainless Steel

Connector, SMA 905, 500μm x 1.0mm, Stainless Steel

Part#: FF-SSMA0500-1
SMA 905 connector specifically designed for 500μm x 1.0mm POF, stainless steel construction, fully compatible with existing SMA hardware.

• Strain relief: FF-GIGLC-STR-B
• Ferrule material: Stainless Steel
• Nut material: Stainless Steel
• Jacketing diameter: 1.0mm
• Fiber diameter: 500μm
• RoHS, REACH Compliant

About Light-Seal®
Light-Seal® is a connector technology that swages the end of the connector to secure and align the fiber concentrically to the outside of the connector ferrule, ensuring minimal lateral fiber offset when the connector is mated to a receptacle.

In the connector, fiber is held in place independently from the cable's jacket, preventing pistoning between the fiber and connector assembly. This eliminates the need for adhesives, making for a simple field installation process. This design also minimizes the potential for contaminants to enter the connector between the fiber and connector hole.

Light-Seal® is covered by U.S. patent number 6,517,255.
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