POF cable assembly, 2 feet, AVAGO

POF cable assembly, 2 feet, AVAGO

Part#: FF-XCNSA002F
2 foot Custom simplex POF cable assembly, with UL rated Eska GHCP 4001 POF and OEM AVAGO HFBR 4501z/4511z connectors.

• Manufactured with FiberFin® termination process
• Connectors compatible with AVAGO Versatile Link family of connectors and fiber optic components
• 1mm diameter industrial plastic optical fiber (POF) with 0.22 dB/m typical attenuation
• Industrial temperature range -40°C to 85°C
• Individually labeled and packaged in an antistatic bag

• Industrial data links for factory automation and plant control
• Intra-system links: board-to-board, rack-to-rack
• Telecommunications switching systems
• Computer-to-peripheral data links, PC bus extension
• Proprietary LANs
• Digitized video
• Medical instruments
• Reduction of lightning and voltage transient susceptibility
• High-voltage isolation


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Mitsubishi ESKA® Simplex GHCP-4001 cable, AVAGO HFBR-4501z/HFBR-4511z connectors, no strain relief, DC125-CLR dust caps, labeled, packed in anti-static bag

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