Epoxy, 2-Part, For POF Connectors

Epoxy, 2-Part, For POF Connectors

Part#: FF-GMEPXY-1656
Two part epoxy, dual syringe mixing tube, 50cc of resin and hardener. FiberFin has specially formulated this epoxy specifically for use with metal and plastic POF connectors. This epoxy has an extended working time of 1 hour.

Usage Recommendations
For POF applications that must withstand extreme temperature operation or frequent temperature cycling, optimal connector-to-cable attachment can be achieved through the use of an adhesive, particularly a two-part epoxy.

Epoxy is first placed in the connector, then fiber is inserted and the connector is crimped normally. Once the epoxy has cured, the connector can be polished. Approximately 1 mm3 is used per connector. Good epoxy coverage can be achieved by turning the fiber within the confines of the connector.
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One of the most widely recognized properties of cured FF-GMEPXY-1656 is excellent adhesion to a broad range of substrates. Such systems exhibit shear strength of up to 6,000 psi. One factor which contributes to this property is the low shrinkage shown by these systems during cure. Compared to other polymers, epoxy resins have low internal stresses resulting in strong and durable finished products.

Epoxy cured at room temperature then post cured at elevated temperature to achieve deflection values.

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