FiberFin, Inc announces launch of new website

Yorkville, Illinois, May 1, 2013– FiberFin is very excited on the launch of its new website, This new website boasts a modern, colorful design that is very easy to navigate, but has a lot of depth in the information and content. The website is divided into three major sections. The first section is informative, which tells you all about what industries, activities and what FiberFin’s capabilities are for the plastic fiber-optic (POF) world. Engineering and applications is the second section of the website which dives into technical details of real-world applications of POF. The third and final section, which displays our products where you can order online on the e-commerce shopping cart.

FiberFin has the largest variety of plastic fiber optic products in the world which you can find in the easy navigation of the website. Each product can be easily sorted by part number, the product name, position or price; you may also view the products in two different types of format, cascade or block. Once you find the product that you would like to view, you can easily see the different picture views of the product and click on them for a larger image, and magnify the product for better viewing. There are four tabs for each product. The first tab gives you the complete description of the product. The second tab is for pricing and discounts the third tab gives you relative engineering documents, procedures, In the final tab is for product videos that pertain to this product.

One of the biggest things that FiberFin wanted to give the customer in this new website says Paul Mulligan, CEO of FiberFin was the ability for the customer to see what we had in our inventory at our facility. This is very important for the end customer as everyone wants everything “just in time” (JIT). Now we have the ability that every hour our current inventory status is posted to the website, this inventory count shows up just underneath the informational tabs.  The other big hurdle that was addressed on the new website was the ability to have a video for every product, these informative product videos will be an ongoing project for us in the upcoming year as we only have a handful of videos now.      Paul concludes his comments; “We wanted to make sure that the customer could easily navigate the website to get the information for any particular application or engineering problem that he might have and get those products for their job”

There is also a section for related products that will help the customer get the whole package of what FiberFin has to offer. This new website also has all easy to use Links, including contact to Facebook, Twitter, and all of those creative minds in Pinterist.

About FiberFin Inc.

FiberFin has the largest variety of POF plastic fiber optic products in the world. With this large variety of products, and being a full line distributor of every major brand in the polymer optical fiber market, FiberFin is also one of the largest, custom assembly manufacturers. FiberFin carries a large inventory to serve our customers in the industrial and factory automation, sensing and medical markets. As an industry leader in POF termination technology, automation and standards work, FiberFin is your one stop shop for all your POF needs.

Contact Information:

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