FiberFin Welcomes New Optimedia OM-Giga-B040 Products

     Yorkville, IL– FiberFin, Inc. is proud to announce that Optimedia, using FiberFin as a worldwide distributor, has introduced their new OM-Giga-B040 Graded-Index Plastic Optical Fiber Product. FiberFin will serve as a worldwide Optimedia distributor, and now this product can be purchased directly through FiberFin!

About the OM-Giga-B040 Product:

     OM-Giga-B040 is a PMMA-based GI-POF for ultra-high bandwidth (> 10 Gbps) very short

distance applications. Its outer diameter is 400 m with the effective core diameter of 250 m

and its optical and physical properties are as follows:




Diameter (core)

 400 (250) +/- 250um

95% Confidence interval

Tensile Strength

>12 N

At break

Bending Radius

0.5 mm

 360-degree turn

Operating Temperature

 -30 ~ 70 degrees Celsius


Attenuation at 655 mm

<240 dB/km

Measured by OTDR


>75 Gbps-m


     As the global demand for bandwidth continues to grow explosively, new application areas

emerge that require the use of optical fibers. Such application areas include optical

interconnects for networking equipment and hybrid cables for mobile devices. Although glass

optical fibers can be used for such applications, GI-POF offers numerous advantages over

multimode or single mode GOF.

About Optimedia:

Optimedia, Inc. was founded in October 1999 for the development and manufacture of various plastic optical fibers (POFs) for data communication, image transfer, and sensor applications. Its technical staffs have more than 20 years of R&D experience in polymer syntheses and POF fabrication, and have succeeded recently in commercializing a high-bandwidth GI-POF (Graded-Index POF) called OM-Giga for short-distance high-speed data communication.

OM-Giga is a poly(methyl methacrylate)-based GI-POF with a bandwidth higher than 3 Gpbs-50m that is produced by the company's own patented process. Besides its superior optical properties, it has excellent mechanical properties and thermal stability. Furthermore, the superior productivity and flexibility of the company's manufacturing process makes OM-Giga to be supplied at a competitive price enabling our customers to apply the product cost-competitively to various applications including home networks, automotive infotainment systems, industrial automation, and consumer electronics.

The innovative technology of Optimedia, Inc. made it to be selected as a venture company by the Small and Medium Business Administration of the Korean government in September 2001. The company is a founding member of the Korea POF Communication Forum (KPCF) that was founded in February 2004 to promote fast growth and implementation of POF in Korea through collaborative efforts. Recently, the company has been awarded a research grant by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy to lead a project on developing and commercializing ultra-high bandwidth parallel optical interconnect. Such ongoing R&D effort will enable us to supply our customers with various new products that will satisfy ever-growing demands of newly emerging technology areas in the future.

Contact Optimedia at:

Optimedia, Inc.

204 Byuksan Technopia, 560 Dunchon-daero, Jungwon-gu,

Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 13230, Korea

Phone : +82-31-737-8151 Fax : +82-31-737-8150 (

About FiberFin:

FiberFin has the largest variety of POF plastic fiber optic products in the world. With this large variety of products, and being a full line distributor of every major brand in the polymer optical fiber market, FiberFin is also one of the largest custom assembly manufacturers. FiberFin carries a large inventory to serve our customers in the industrial and factory automation, sensing, and medical markets. As an industry leader in POF termination technology, automation, and standards work, FiberFin is your one stop shop for all your POF needs.­

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