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Firecomms Announces 530 nm Long Reach RedLink Transmitter for 1 Mb Applications over 200m of Plastic Optical Fiber

Cork, Ireland -- January 16, 2014 -- Firecomms, a global leader in the provision of fiber optic solutions and optical transceivers, today announces availability of its 530 nm DC-1 Mb RedLink(R) transmitter for applications requiring extended link lengths over Plastic Optical Fiber (POF).

Operating in the green spectrum at 530 nm, the new transmitter (part number FT01MHNG) exploits one of the lower attenuation windows of POF. At 0.1 dB/m, the attenuation of the FT01MHNG is considerably lower than that of traditional POF transmitters that operate in the red spectrum with an attenuation of approximately 0.2 dB/m. These lower attenuation characteristics of the FT01MHNG transmitter make it possible to implement POF links up to 150 m or even 200 m where traditionally link lengths have been limited to 50 m.

Ideally suited for sensing, CANbus/RS485/RS232 links, gaming, Smart Meter or other industrial command and control applications, the FT01MHNG transmitter opens up new possibilities for the equipment designer to replace more expensive silica-based solutions with POF, remove repeaters which are no longer needed, and implement new designs requiring galvanic or optical isolation where costs or distances have been previously prohibitive.

“Firecomms, a world leader in the research and development of light sources for POF, has pioneered the development of Resonant Cavity LEDs (RCLED) for the past decade,” says John Lambkin, Firecomms CTO. “This announcement of a 530 nm based transmitter using extremely rugged InGaN semiconductors is another example of Firecomms’ commitment to innovation and investment in our RedLink product line.”

Firecomms has now completed a full qualification of these devices verifying how the wavelength and output power remain remarkably stable over the entire industrial temperature range of -40C to +85C, and demonstrating their suitability for the most demanding of applications.

Link tests performed using this new transmitter with the Firecomms FR01MHIR receiver have shown transmission distances of up to 200 m depending on actual throughput.

The new LED FT01MHNG transmitter is now available for sampling through Firecomms’ sales offices and distribution channels.

About Firecomms Ltd.

Firecomms, a global leader in the provision of fiber optic solutions and optical transceivers, skillfully combines state-of-the-art compound and silicon semiconductor technology with inventive small-scale integration to develop products that drive communications networks in power and energy, industrial, transportation, medical and consumer markets.

A global multinational company, Firecomms is jointly headquartered in Cork, Ireland and Tongxiang, China with additional facilities in the USA, Shanghai and Southeast Asia. To learn more about how Firecomms can help your business, please visit

RedLink is a registered trademark s of Firecomms Ltd.

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