Professional POF Finishing Tool, MOST Ferrules, STD-2

Professional POF Finishing Tool, MOST Ferrules, STD-2

This POF finishing tool was tailored for the professional installer, giving them a single tool that can perform all the steps of installation. It terminates fiber without polishing and strips the POF cable jacket to the proper length with consistent results. Termination is done by clamping the POF cable into place in the tool, and squeezing.

A precise, round razor blade cuts the cable with a scissor-like action without damaging the fiber. Damage to the fiber is common in this process when a normal razor blade is used, as the exit cut chips the fiber and cladding. With the FiberFin termination system, average attenuation loss is between 1.0 and 1.5 dB.

With the automatic indexing replacement head (FF-STD2-RPHD), the special blade used in the FiberFin POF Finishing "All In One" Tool is mounted on a gear assembly that rotates the blade after each cut, allowing the blade to wear evenly and give consistent termination results. After 2,500 cuts, the assembly will lock the tool open and prevent usage until the cutting head is replaced, ensuring that every cut performed is of the highest quality.

Once the blade becomes dull, the cutting head can easily be replaced. With the cutting system fully enclosed, this tool is both safe and user-friendly.

• Terminates and finishes simplex 2.30mm POF cable
• Prepares MOST POF cable (FF-GHAN-4001)
• Crimps MOST brass ferrules (FF-MST1000-M, FF-MST1000-F)
• Strips jacket of POF cable to user-adjustable length
• Automatic blade advance and final stop (FF-STD2-RPHD) or
• Manual blade advance (FF-STD1-RPHD)
• Option of two different cutting systems for various applications
• Safe, easy-to-use design
• Rough cut blade
• Tool has burnished body, two-component handles

August 2017 Product Update
As of August 2017, the line of STD-2 hand tools features a newly designed cutting head. In addition to improved safety features, the blade now lasts for 2,500 cuts, or twice as long as the old blade. As a result, the prices for STD-2 tools and kits that use this part have undergone a slight increase. See the product update information document for more information.

RENNSTEIG WERKZEUGE, ISO 9001:2008 certified company.
Made in Germany

Reference Part Number: 8002 0004 3

More information on this product is available from the OEM here.

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