Professional Installer Kit, LC Connectors, Crimping and Finishing Tools

Professional Installer Kit, LC Connectors, Crimping and Finishing Tools

Professional installer kit for LC duplex connectors (FF-LC1000) for making duplex 2.2mm POF cable assemblies. See video for operational instructions.

Kit Includes
• STD-2 duplex POF finishing tool (FF-STD-2-DP)
• LC duplex crimping tool, with locator (FF-CRMP-LC-WL)
• 10x inspection loupe

Finishing Tool Features
• Terminates and finishes the fiber
• Rotating blade design ensures consistent finish, and performs 2,500 cuts per replaceable cutting head
• Average attenuation loss per finish: 1.0 to 1.5 dB
• Strips jacket to length

Crimp Tool Features
• Hex crimp pattern
• Specifically designed for LC connectors
• Accurately locates the LC connector on fiber at desired position

August 2017 Product Update
As of August 2017, the line of STD-2 hand tools features a newly designed cutting head. In addition to improved safety features, the blade now lasts for 2,500 cuts, or twice as long as the old blade. As a result, the prices for STD-2 tools and kits that use this part have undergone a slight increase. See the product update information document for more information.

RENNSTEIG WERKZEUGE, ISO 9001:2008 certified company.
Made in Germany


Product Attachments

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