current projects

Additions & Renovations
North Woodstock, New Hampshire

Currently under construction, this project is a five bedroom, 3500 sf addition to the existing Cascades Lodge rental accommodation. The addition includes a family suite, bridal suite, an ADA compliant double and two regular doubles. The bridal suite includes a Jacuzzi and shower bathroom suite, a living room, a bedroom and a balcony sitting area.

The addition was designed to be a separate block connected only by the stairwell deck and roof over, affording an increased patio area for the ground floor units of the existing block and some degree of privacy from the new units.

When completed, the addition will complement the existing building, including a wrap-around covered walk to the ground floor units, similar to the original sections of the Cascade Lodge.

Woodstock Inn Cascades Lodge Addition

New Construction
Central New Hampshire

Located on the lakefront property with a previous structure, the owners of this project did not want to invest any further funds in an inadequately constructed house which also did not fit their space requirements. Involved in the project from the beginning, we assisted in negotiations with the state for lakefront permitting better addressing the owners’ needs and the states requirements, to develop a building footprint and design that greatly improves the site impact on the lake while not compromising the owners’ investment in the property.

The home presently under construction will provide a much needed improvement of space, finish and configuration from the original home, as well as better construction and higher efficiencies to serve the owner and their family into future generations.

Providing three garages, six bedrooms, a living room wing, decks, screen porch and entertainment areas, the new structure will cover only slightly larger than the original building, and is relocated further back from the lake to minimize impact, all while still strongly linked to the lake front, the primary reason for the owner’s purchase of the property.

Lakes Region Lake Home